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  • John Meadows: classy move

    I just wanted to put a quick note out thanking John Meadows for a very small but cool thing he did for me.

    I recently joined his site and have been reading there quite a bit. I had a training question I wanted to ask that I didn't see covered in the Q&A. Wasn't sure it was worthy of being posted there but I said, "What the hell" and sent it to his email address on the site for Q&A. What I got was an emailed response from him answering me within a few hours.

    I am not a paid client of his right now. Sure it was no crazy in depth question or anything. But I just thought it was really nice of him to get back to me personally and help me out.

    So thanks JM for being one of the classy guys out there like Skip, Scott, Dante, etc that genuinely want to help guys in the sport and offer so much of their valuable info to the masses.

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    Bumpin' for Da Mountain Dawg!

    The Book Has Arrived!
    The Book Has Arrived!

    Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a pristine, well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, used up, worn out, and shouting, "Holy #$&^%$^... What a ride!!!"

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    2009 NPC Mr. Arizona HW & Overall, Jr. Nationals HW 16th, Smoked at USA's


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      JM is all class


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        Thanks guys - I appreciate the kind words!

        John Meadows
        CSCS, CISSN
        Creator of the Mountain Dog Diet


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          I've known John for 20 years. He's the same guy he's always been. He's humble and still a fan of the sport. The fame has not gone to his head. Can't wait to see him, Scott, and Carlos battle it out in a few weeks!
          1994 Ohio Gran Prix 4th place
          2010 Kentucky State Championships 1st place
          2011 Northern Kentucky 4th place
          2012 Kentucky Grand Prix 1st place
          2014 Francois Classic 3rd place
          2015 Francois Classic 2nd Place

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            Always classsy!


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              I have had the same experience. He really went the extra on my question. I am enjoying doing his workouts. I have been always doing my own workouts for at least 10 years.