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Tricare and Compounding Pharmacies

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  • Tricare and Compounding Pharmacies

    For all our vets and active servicemen, we need to get congress to realize what is about to happen.

    Thank you for your efforts and patience...

    Effective July 24, 2013, TRICARE will no longer cover compounded medications made from bulk chemicals or bulk powders.

    Eliminating coverage of compounded medications limits patients' access to healthcare, putting their health at risk.

    Let your voice be heard. Click on the links below and send your Senators and Representatives a personalized letter regarding TRICARE's lack of coverage of compounded medications. Points to highlight in the letters:

    Reasons why compounding is necessary:
    Discontinued commercially available medications;

    Unavailable medications due to a back-order;

    Allergy-friendly (i.e. preservative-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free);
    Physician prescribed medication not commercially available;

    Uniquely tailored medications for patient's specific need (i.e. hormone replacement therapy);

    Compounding may assist in avoiding the addictive qualities and the negative systemic effects of the commercially available drugs, and may allow workers to return faster to the workforce;

    Compounding gives physicians the clinical discretion necessary to fully treat their patients.

    Compounding plays an important role in healthcare and access should not be limited. Abruptly removing patients from their unique medications can have severe health consequences. Tell your representatives the importance of compounding today.

    Find your Rep
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