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  • Sam Byrd on Squatting Big

    Posted this link in my journal, but I wanted to share it here as well.

    This is an excellent article on squat (and potentially other lift) programming. It's simple, clearly effective, and it really puts into perspective how we as lifters sometimes overcomplicate the process.
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    I read that same article yesterday. I really think that raw lifters need to get away from the Westside method.... I am unaware of any top tier raw lifters who use, or have used Westside to get where they are at...

    I think the biggest thing with this type of programming is the confidence that it builds in the lifter. However, at the same time I do think you need to handle heavy weights on occasion just to get used to that feeling, just not every week.
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      Thanks for posting, Rage. Great read and makes sense. Keep it simple and keep progressing in bar speed. I would imagine that this would be the case for deads and bench as well?
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        Thanks for posting this up,

        So just to reiterate you're only really going MAX every 3-4 months? Just to re-test and readjust your percentages? I want to feel like I got hit by a truck every week though!

        Hmmm I guess the intensity is still there with the reduction of rest periods as you progress.

        He touches on how he wants to improve on conditioning...completing the workout from 30 minutes to 15 minutes or less. How would you suggest incorporating cardio?
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          I guess the incorporation of cardio would be goal dependent.

          For ME, I'd probably keep all other cardio & conditioning the same, and just reap the benefits as my work capacity in the gym increases.

          My cardio is LISS just to get heart rate up & keep moving. As my conditioning got better from smaller rest intervals, I'd just push other conditioning harder until my training started to suffer from a recovery standpoint.

          I did this today (5x5 @ 60%1RM), and was able to go with 1'30" rest periods. My whole damn session took 40-45 min including mobility work.

          I was, however, slowing down on work sets 4 & 5, starting about rep 18. Given that, I'd do the same session over with 1'30" rest and shooting for uniform rep speed.
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