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  • Nair for Hair removal

    Wondering if Anyone uses nair only for complete hair removal. I can't shave , I break out EXTRMELY badly. Right now I just use a hair buzzer to get close. I've used naiir for chest/stomach only and it was good. Wondering if anyone uses it for legs and arms Also. Basically what I do is appy it, let it stay for 10 minutes then jump in the shower. Rinse it off then take a wash cloth and run it over the area like a soft sandpaper to take off access hairs. Anyone insight or Bette options for someone who can't shave would be appreciated

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    I used a similar type product from Jan Tana the first bodybuilding show I ever I ever did...worst mistake ever.

    Didn't take off all the hair, and it irritated the crap out of my nipples and arm pits.
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      I shave my chest and arms, but use nair on my legs and back. Works great for me personally... Removes all the hair and absolutely no irritation. But everybody reacts differently.

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        I've had same results. No irritation except a little sensative the day after. I will say I shave the area around my nipples and only buzzer my armpits. Those areas don't breakout but leave a sensative burning on the skin for a few days. Gonna buy the nair for men and give
        It a shot for full body


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          I use it initially to remove the majority of hair but from there I use a razor.
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            Have you tried any after-shave lotion to help with the irritation?
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              The pink veet is the best for thick hair
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                I love it for my forearms, legs, and chest but I would reccomend starting with a very small area and a short time to start with and see how you react. I just tried my underarms last week and after about 2 mins I was in severe pain. Burned like hell. I didn't expect that at all after using on other areas for some time with no issues.
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                  Originally posted by nexa View Post
                  Have you tried any after-shave lotion to help with the irritation?
                  I can't even shave my face. I use an electric. I break out so bad and it's so painful, even if I did shave my face I wouldn't be able to shave for a few weeks because I would be broken out/irritated so much. I usually buzzer my chest/stomach with a hair buzzer with no attachment , then after tnat use nair to completely remove it