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Ankle junkieness - sinus tarsi syndrome

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  • Ankle junkieness - sinus tarsi syndrome

    Hey guys & gals,

    I have run into an issue with my left ankle that my physical therapist and I have been unable to resolve. I'll try to keep this concise while giving you as much info as possible.

    Background info:
    • male, 191 lbs a.m. weight, 5'8", 25 years old
    • 6 years powerlifting and 2 years bodybuilding
    • diet is clean, in calorie surplus, drink 1-1.5 gallons of water/day
    • have done 6 blasts DC in the last year
    • cyst removed above right knee in 2001. This causes my right lateral/posterior thigh and left anterior thigh to be tight. ~4" scar show below

    • Jan 26th 2013 woke up with sharp pain in top of left ankle, couldn't walk, and pain kept me up for a few hours. Aleve relieved the pain. Hit legs earlier that night but didn't do anything outside of my normal lifting/smashing/stretching. I could walk fine the next day. Haven't felt nearly that bad of pain since but ankle still feels weak, unstable, and junkie
    • hot, sharp pain on top of left ankle is intolerable when performing hamstring stretch immediately after hamstring exercises. Same sort of pain starts to occur during calf exercises
    • left ankle has felt unstable, junkie, and weak since Jan
    • sinus tarsi syndrome (as diagnosed by my physical therapist)

    Possible causes:
    • performing the couch stretch as pictured below with the knee not flush with the wall (not me in picture). Mostly was doing contract/relax 2-3 mins daily for a few months

    • switched from Nike Shox to New Balance Minimus (Dec 15 2012).

      March 15 2013 switched to Inov-8FLite 230 since it has 6mm drop instead of zero thinking that it would help. no such luck

    Things I've tried to remedy the issue (before working with PT):
    • switched to standing desk 10 weeks ago (~7 hours/day standing now)
    • daily ankle mobility work for 3 weeks (stopped after I noticed no improvement):
      -foam roll anterior tibialis
      -calves smashing and stretches
      -trigger point work on calf and anterior tibialis with compression using voodoo band on left ankle seems to make it feel better and free up some tissue restriction but an hour or so after treatment the junkieness returns
    • stopped doing exercises for my calves
    • Aleve doesn't make the junkieness go away

    The last 2 months I've been working with a physical therapist. Here are some things we have also tried:
    • supportive shoe inserts. These actually made my feet hurt more so we tossed them
    • taping the ankle
    • clearing up tissues upstream and downstream (weekly)
    • balance work (weekly)
    • electromuscle stimulation of anterior tibialis insertion into ankle
    • daily mobility work: foam roll quads, IT band/hamstrings (2-6 min each leg/mob)
    • stopped training my legs completely 4 weeks ago. No weightlifting or cardio
    • started taking glucosamine and chondroitin 4 weeks ago

    Things we haven't tried:
    • going back to a sitting desk. I haven't tried this since the problem started before switching to a standing desk
    • x-rays were taken before starting to work with my PT but they didn't come up with anything. I haven't tried going to an ankle/foot specialist

    I can post video or more pictures if needed.

    My PT and I feel that we are spinning our wheels on this ankle problem and not making any progress. Any suggestions?

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    Did you guys ever talk about sinus tarsi injections and if so, what did he/she say?
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      Nope, we haven't talked about injections. I can ask on my next visit Thursday (6/18).

      After briefly discussing this with homonunculus, I'm going to get a referral to a podiatrist. This seems like too complex an issue to diagnose online. If anyone has anything to add from their own experiences though feel free.

      Originally posted by nexa View Post
      Did you guys ever talk about sinus tarsi injections and if so, what did he/she say?


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        Good luck with the pod squad and hopefully they can give you some answers, as well as some kind of relief.
        PGY-1 FM
        "No idea is above scrutiny and no people are beneath dignity." -Maajid Nawaz


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          Thank you nexa