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why do you take glutamine and vitamin d3?

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  • why do you take glutamine and vitamin d3?

    i've been researching and learning more about these two since they seem to hit a lot of people's must have lists. the issue is there is a ton of misinformation on the net and people commonly either twist scientific studies or do the wrong studies to draw irrelevant conclusions.

    i always find the best source is those who are actually using these things long term and actually train and care about health.

    here's what i found so far

    superb for immune function
    might help recovery a lot (a lot of mixed info here)?
    improves muscle building via increasing GH levels
    prevents catabolism?

    vitamin d3:
    most people are deficient
    offers...benefits. just a bunch of random crap that i cannot filter truth from myth or main benefits from miniscule effects
    a la "When you think of muscle tissue, you probably aren't thinking of fat infiltration. But, people with insufficient or deficient levels of Vitamin D are likely to have fatty muscles."

    1. feel free to correct me or add in your own experiences. not sure if im being led astray with some of these
    2. how do you dose it (timing/amounts/mixing/absorption) and why?

    thanks. learning about this is always fun and confirming correct conclusions is even more satisfying
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