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  • Deload?

    I have been training every day for the past 40 days straight with pretty high volume. I am taking a break from lifting for the next 5 days due to studying for final exams.

    How much volume should I do for my "deload"? Here's what I was thinking

    Day 1: Off
    Day 2: 5 sets of inverted rows to failure, 5 sets of pull-ups to failure
    Day 3: 5 sets of pushups to failure
    Day 4: Bodyweight squats for 30 minutes
    Day 5: Off
    Day 6: Return to lifting

    Is this too much for a deload phase? I'm just sticking to stuff that I can do in my room so I don't have to waste time going to the gym

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    for the record my body is pretty good at handling high volume. I eat 4000+ cals/day. Also I have decent strength for my bodyweight so the rep ranges on the above exercises will be decently high (>10)


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      Deload doesn't mean just do bodyweightm exercises or even train any differently then you are now. Here's are 2 popular ways to deload

      1. Take a week of then just pick up where you left off
      2. Take a few days off then when you go back into training do half the volume for a few workouts. Example If your chest day is flat bench 225x10x3 then incline 185x10x3 then 2 sets of flies try something like 135x10x3 or 225x5x3 for flat bench. Then maybe 1 or 2 light sets of incline and skip flys


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        Your making it pretty complicated then what it needs to be.

        1. Take the entire week off and do cardio.


        2. Go in get a nice pump and leave without going to failure.

        Skip has posted this a couple times.


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          Just take the week off and do nothing, it will be just as or more productive then what you have up there.
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            Wow, that is one tough de-load your planning.
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