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    So lately I've switched over to low bar squats and really feel my hamstrings being stretched which is a good thing for my prior back problems. Anyway I was wondering how you guys squat and which way you feel stronger. Sitting way back and keeping your knees pretty much in the same spot or sitting down and sliding your knees forward? Here's a pic to demonstrate. I think I'm going to stick with low bar and add in some front squats, best of both worlds
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    For Bodybuilding purposes, it is usually more advantageous to go with high bar squats. Low bar is good to build up greater posterior chain strength, but the main movers in the LB squat are the hamstrings, lower back, and hips. This is mainly due to the exaggerated hip break and "sitting back" cue adopted in this movement. High bar squats on the other hand, are more upright, and the stress is more on the quads. This is more of a sitting down movement and greater depth can be achieved. Look at the famous Tom Platz... he did heavy high rep full high bar squats for legs. Personally, I find high bar squats to be more natural of a movement and feel it in my legs more. I usually do either romanian deadlifts or legs curls after the high bar full squats