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Train 15 minutes/day in your own home

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  • Train 15 minutes/day in your own home

    right now I train about an hour every day at a commercial gym because I have the time and I enjoy it. but recently I was just thinking about how cool it would be to train 15 minutes a day, every day, without leaving your house. bare bones training

    now obviously I'm not saying this is the best way to bodybuild because if it was Mr. Olympia would be doing it lol. but what I do think this type of training offers is an extremely time efficient way to maintain your physique, especially the following components:

    - muscularity
    - strength
    - flexibility
    - mobility
    - conditioning
    - relative strength (strength:bodyweight)

    Here's what you would need...this could feasibly be set up in the living room of an apartment.

    - dip/pullup station
    - belt for adding weight
    - squat rack (optional)
    - bumper plates (optional, could get creative with padding floor and just use iron plates instead)

    So I'm thinking you could just do a Push/Pull/Legs type of split.

    A1: Push
    As many dips as possible with a 45 lb plate attached in 14 minutes. Finish with 1 all out set of pushups

    B1: Pull
    As many feet elevated inverted rows in 8 minutes
    As many pull-ups as possible with a 45 lb plate attached in 7 minutes

    C1: Legs
    Ass to grass squats AMRAP with a moderate weight (bumper plates), 15 minutes

    or if you don't feel comfortable dumping the bar when you reach technical failure, do hip belt squats with a moderate weight AMRAP for 15 minutes instead

    Here is another training cycle where you deadlift instead of squat.

    A2: Push
    As many pushups as possible in 10 minutes
    As many dips as possible in 5 minutes

    B2: Pull
    Deadlift, work up to heavy set of 5
    End with a burnout set of pull-ups

    C2: Legs
    Run as far as possible in 15 minutes, or do a timed mile and try to hit a PR if you're really short on time. legs got some work from deadlifting the previous day

    The possibilities really are endless, you can make another training cycle A3B3C3.

    With this type of training you could conceivably work out every day A1/B1/C1/A2/B2/C2/A3/B3/C3.....

    Another advantage is you don't need a spotter whatsoever. Also, I have always found that doing a lot of exercises where you are moving your body weight against resistance instead of resistance against bodyweight (pull-up instead of lat pull down, dip/pushup instead of bench press) is a metabolic torch and seems to keep you in great shape even if your diet is subpar. just my personal experience....

    Anyone ever do something like this?
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