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Question on Skiploading for SKIP

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  • Question on Skiploading for SKIP

    A couple skip load questions for skip:

    1.) Obviously your clients have a baseline diet / calorie level that they stick with. I am sure this usually changes over time to accommodate the goals of the client, but none the less, I am sure there is a baseline there for extended periods of time (1-6 weeks) that changes incrementally. Having said this, after a skipload, do you ever, or have you ever had your clients raise their carbs / calories a little above their normal baseline for the 1-2 days following a skipload day?

    I ask this, because I have found that after a very high carb / calorie skipload day, my weight is inevitably going to drop the next 1-2 days. It will certainly drop if I go back to my baseline calorie / carb levels, but I have noticed that it still drops even if I throw an extra 50g of carbs and 20 or so g of fat on top of my baseline. Then, after the 2nd day post refeed I will reduce them back to baseline for the remaining 5 days of the week until the new refeeed. Do you ever do this? Or would you recommend it? I figure, if the weight is going to drop either way, mine as well keep as much calories in while dropping in order to keep you satiated and your metabolism running strong.

    2.) If you are having trouble getting below your baseline weight by the end of the week, should you decrease cals (or increase cardio) in order to elicit reaching a greater weight deficit weight by week's end? Or is it okay if it takes you 10-12 days to get below baseline?

    I ask because I am only dropping about .5 lbs below baseline each week. I am not doing cardio really, but rather high intensity and crossfit style training (supplemented with heavy compound and Olympic movements 4-5 times per week). I am getting leaner and stronger, but weight is remaining more steady than I'm used to. I would like to speed up my leaning out some more.

    Cals are at about 2400/day right now (290g P, 102g C, 90g F), not including my weekly refeed, and I am debating lowering my caloric intake by another 200-400 cals during the week to speed things. However, I do not want to go too low and slow my metabolism. Added cardio is not an option for my schedule now either. Would it be suggested to lower the daily intake during the week? Also, can you be confident the weekly re-feeds keep the metabolism high despite going low calorie during the week?

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    My question for number 2 would be how do you know how long it takes to baseline? What I mean is a refeed is every 7 days, you either baseline or u don't . You wouldn't know how Long it would have taken. I think the question is if someone is on a reasonable low calorie diet but doesn't baseline for the first week or 2 do you lower calories, restrict the refeed,
    Only refeed every 2 weeks?


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      I didn't see this earlier today. Sorry about that.

      1. I don't raise carbs after the Skipload, no. The main reason is because most people have to choke down their food for a day or two following a Skipload, anyway. I do suppose that if you were famished the day after a load you could do that but that situation doesn't come up very often.

      2. Simply yes. You should be dropping below baseline every week unless you are recomping and adding muscle at the same time.


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