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Could I do a bodybulding show 10 weeks away? (pics)

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  • Could I do a bodybulding show 10 weeks away? (pics)

    I am thinking about doing my first bodybuilding show which is 10 weeks away. Do you think based on my current condition I could still get show ready in 10 weeks? I have never dieted before so I don't really know how long it will take or what will be involed. See the attached pics.
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    Very doable. I've seen guys(who've gotten in good shape) look like you at 5 weeks out. You have the time if you want it, brother.


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      To put it simply, yes. But being that it is your first one, I would look into hiring someone because you can end up spinning your wheels for a few weeks getting things ironed out and then you'd be behind the 8 ball.
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        i would say definitely.....start right now and make the committment though as 10 weeks will go by VERY quickly
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          Yes definitely. Great place to be 10 weeks out in terms of BF IMO.
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            You have time if you do it right. I have done my preps myself and done bad decisions, you don't have time for bad decisions.
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              Originally posted by punkguitarist View Post
              I have never dieted before
              You Bastard!! (sorry, i just couldn't keep my jealousy rage in check). Good luck man if you decide to compete!
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                Freakin awesome...good luck!


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                  Damn, you look awesome! Go for it!
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