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    This question is for Skip, Scott S., John Meadows, etc....

    TN has a ton of products. What are the staples you reccomend? Anything that you feel is very important to supplement on a daily basis or just a favorite product or 2 or 3 or 4..... I find myself reading about this or that on the site and then I just order protein and Buzzsaw, but I know there are a few things I am missing out on.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    I generally, generically, without any other information whatsoever, suggest considering:

    Multi-vitamin if not taking one
    EFA or Omega 3-6-9 supplement
    Fiber Supplement
    Protein powder to match time of day / specific use (post-wo, general, night-time)

    That being said, I think that this isn't an ideal question to be asking r.e. supplements. IMO, supplements are supposed to be supplemental to your diet, so you take the ones you need, depending on what's missing from your diet, how you train, your goals, what whole food / natural products you don't fit into your diet.

    Do you need creatine if you eat a 2lb of meat / day?..

    If you have a salad, lots of oatmeal, a few piece of fruit and ezekiel or sprouted grain bread most days, do you need a fiber supplement?

    If you favor a low carb diet, and eat omega-laden food sources, do you need a fatty acid supplement?...

    Is cardiovascular risk a major issue for you, in which case specific supplements might be more prudent?...

    Etcetera, etcetera.

    So, the above list may not be valuable for some folks at all...


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    The Book Has Arrived!

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      Homonunculus' discount code isn't working this month so you might want to use discount code SKIP.

      I am not huge on supplements, if I am being honest. My list of bodybuilding supplement recommendations are pretty short.

      For me, protein powder is essential and BCAAs during training I consider important. An NO2 and creatine combo is not a bad idea if you can afford it but it isn't a deal breaker.


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        Thanks for the info guys. I know that is a generic question and supplementation depends on the person, but I was curious on your opinions...