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Diet question more out of curiosity than concern

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  • Diet question more out of curiosity than concern

    Last time I dieted to get lean, I used x amount of calories to get from around 190 to 175. Now this time around I started from 200lbs but decided to use the same amount of calories and macros to start. Everything else is the same to a t, cardio, meal timing, workout style, and my skipload.

    What im curious about is how I have stalled at around 195lbs (for a couple weeks in a row now) on the same amount of cals that took me to 175, with all other variables close to exact. I am definitely holding more muscle this time around too.

    Just curious, next week I will probably lower my carbs and fat a little to see what happens.

    Thanks for any imput,

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    see i cant answer your question, but working with skip i noticed i'd lose more weight the days i ate 6 meals than the days i ate 4

    have no idea how (well, i have a vague idea) but i guess skip knows


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      Same as above.

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