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why im better than everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • why im better than everyone else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10 my hair is strwberry blond not red
    9 i have muscle on muscle even on my toes
    8 skip keeps pm me about carb loading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
    7 kid rock keeps calling about pleasing his wife
    6 kidrocks wife keeps calling well you can guess
    6-1/2 inhuman is really human
    5 DC keeps stealin my bigmac diet
    4 toopoo wants advice with life in general
    3 I have been hired as the fryguy at the new hillbilly mcd's
    2 i can hold my breath for 30 seconds
    1 cause i love myself to much


    everyone have a great weekend

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    RIP my friend -KidRok

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    Okay, the list was funny but what made me laugh out loud are the exclamation points. lol

    No one gets it but me so maybe that is why it is even funnier.

    You gotta find something more exciting to do on a Friday night, though. ; )


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      that's pretty funny. how's it goin man. haven't seen you around in awhile. every time i see that pic of your chest it get me motivated. it's just sic
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        thanks i try and make some humor form time to to time! i hope homonucllus (randy) isnt upset i didnt add him to my list! I was afraid that is articulating writing style would out wit my hillblly vocabulary
        RIP my friend -KidRok


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          last one

          there is only a handfull of guys in the U.S. that can come in in my condition .. that i truly beleive gosh i love myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flex:
          RIP my friend -KidRok


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            Hmmm...and your point is?


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              DS, So you think the second #6 is correct, no not the KRL one but me, yea lets meet in the gym sometime and I will show you if its true or not, hehe...
              "That damn log book"

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                Sing it with me now! :rocker:

                Oooooh...Lord it's hard to be humble
                When you're perfect in every way
                I can't wait to look in the mirror
                'Cuz I get better lookin' each day:smooch:
                To know me is to love me
                I must be one hell of a man
                Oh, Lord it's hard to be humble
                But I'm doin' the best that I can! :flex:

                Yee Haw!!
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                  Ok, two points that made me laugh here...

                  1)... In-humans post of the "second #6"... LOL!! dps needs counting remediation.

                  2) Lil Missus singin'... LOVED IT!!



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                    man i jjsut caught that i did mess up the count!!!!!!!!!! your a math wizard!! no for those that know im a nice person with a lot of humor! take care everyone here at IM skip and winnie run a nice ship!
                    RIP my friend -KidRok


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                      sure, you'd have to throw that out here while I was away for the weekend!!LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      And nobody else knows this but the reason he screwed-up the count is because he doesn't have the normal 10 fingers like the rest of us so it makes it tuff for him to count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      "...because I won't accept that I can't."

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                        Originally posted by In-Human
                        DS, So you think the second #6 is correct, no not the KRL one but me, yea lets meet in the gym sometime and I will show you if its true or not, hehe...
                        Well, I'm in good company aren't I?
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