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Coming back from a Tricep tear

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  • Coming back from a Tricep tear

    I injured my left tricep two days ago while doing DB Tricep Extensions on an incline bench (just for the sake of info, I train DC). I heard a small "pop" and felt a tearing sensation that started from just above the elbow to the upper part of the long head. After my visit with the Ortho, it's been validated that I have a tricep tear. Good news is that the MRI was negative on the tendon rupture. There is pain all throughout, but it's mainly concentrated just above the elbow and the tricep belly. Also, though it's gone now, for the first 24hrs I had a tingling sensation that traveled from my pinky up to my upper pec.

    I will definitely be taking some time off to let it heal, but in the meantime I'm trying to gather some info on what would be the smartest way to come back from an injury of this nature. Tricep tear is not the most serious of injuries, but I obviously would not jump right back into using the same weight or perhaps even the same exercise right off the bat.

    Besides gradually increasing the weight, are there any recommended exercises or "certain things" that I should do in coming back smart? Thanks.
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    Sorry to hear that. I wish you a speedy recovery.
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