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    I wanted to start a new post and see what our members have learned since they have been here. What Dogma's that are or were prevalent in the sport of bodybuilding have been smashed for you since you have been here.

    I think a good example, an old one since it is more excepted now, but a dogma non the less is that you can not get lean eating processed sugary carbs. Skip has proven you can get peeled this way.

    In my own experience, 19 years ago I prepped for a show using Fat Free pastries, fat free pancakes, and a ton of other processed sugary carbs and got into contest shape. I didn't win, but I belonged on stage. Not bad for a 20 year old kid who didn't know jack. I obviously wasn't using Skip Loading, but it still worked to some degree. After the show I spoke to many experienced bodybuilders that told me how wrong I was. The funny thing is that I wasn't all wrong. It took about 14 years before I saw that people were indeed using these types of carbs again.
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