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large meals, digestion, chewing, etc

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  • large meals, digestion, chewing, etc

    did some digestion research and was kind of shocked to learn it takes 75-80hrs (sounds like BS) for food to exit your body after you put it in ur mouth. wow.

    here are some things i could not find answers to:

    1. does a decent amount of food go undigested in large meals?
    2. how does chewing affect nutrient absorption?
    3. where did the 30g protein digestion per meal come from??

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    im not buying the 80 hours thing. i know that at times when my metabolism has ramped up, ill pretty much be in the bathroom five and six times a day. its just hard for me to believe that if im eating 4000 calories a day all that food is just sitting there for three days. im sure someone else like homonunculous can give you some more scientific answers to your questions.


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      Yeah I don't buy the 80 hrs thing either. Maybe certain foods in a person that has a low cal intake, but yeah eat 4000 calories a day and it won't be hanging around for almost 4 days. I guess there's only one way to be sure though... The corn test...
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        The problem with saying something as blanketing as "75-80 hours" is that it doesn't take into account all the different variables that could be at play in a meal, i.e. food volume, fiber content, diuretic properties, etc.

        Go home, eat a full blown Thanksgiving meal, then track how long it takes you to see the corn in your shit.

        Then eat a 1lb bag of corn, covered in hot sauce and fat free potato chips made with Olestra, and track the time again. I bet the two times aren't even close.
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          reading this corn stuff...good start to the morning!


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            Here's what you do... I got this one from John Meadows from another website:

            From Mountaindog1 (John Meadows):

            How to tell if you are absorbing your food well

            My favorite expression is "you are what you eat has eaten". I heard another one from Phil H that I thought was great. He said "you are what you absorb".

            So how can you tell if you absorb food well?

            Bowel transit time is a great way to tell.

            1) Buy some charcoal caps.
            2) Take between 5 and 10 grams on an empty stomach.
            3) When you see a darkened stool, figure out how many hours it has been since you took the charcoal.

            Interpreting results
            If it was less than 12 hours, you are probably not absorbing everything optimally.

            If it was 12-24 hours, you are right on the money.

            If it was greater than 24 hours, than you have food sitting in your colon too long which can lead to major issues (food gets absorbed back into your bloodstream).
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              Watched a TV show the other day that said the average person only poops 3 times per week. It also said that exercise sped up food transit to as little as 12 hrs and that this was optimal.

              I know I'm a 12hr guy with multiple poops most days.

              Never any smell either or farts (My wife may not agree with this.) me and the queen are like that.
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