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  • Keeping fat at bay

    Hey guys, starting a lean bulk and am going to use DC's methods of staying lean (morning cardio, carb cutoffs etc).

    My question is that would it be fine to add thermogenic's (maybe even clenbuterol?) to aid me in adding lean body mass but keep a lot of the fat off?

    p.s I have searched google etc, but trust the advice i receive here at IM.

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    If you're bulking and calories are over maintenance a thermogenic will do nothing but make your body require more calories and waste your money. save the thermogenic for a cut


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      Tarqs, have you followed strategies like morning cardio, carb cutoffs, clean foods, nutrient cycling...etc. previously or is this something new you are going to do?

      I'm asking because until you see how you respond to using such strategies, you should hold off on adding too much. If you add in some kind of thermogenic or metabolic amplifier, how do you what is the cause of keeping your fat gain down? Is it the dietary and training strategies or the supplements?

      There are safer options out there to help keep fat gain down, like yohimbine, green tea (and green tea caps), 7 keto DHEA ( Dante mentions he was using it here: Use your diet and training first, then add in things gradually as needed.
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        Good advice mental .. See how your doing without.. Remember your trying to put on muscle some fat will come..

        2rules start at a low bf%
        Don't make huge adjustments in calories and you should be fine


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          Continue to do cardio, and only drop it the same way you'd increase calories. Don't quit doing cardio because "it's size time now."

          Don't use scale weight as an exclusive measure. That's the quickest way to convince yourself that you are either a) accomplishing your goal (when you're getting fat) or b) you need to increase calories to see weight gain for the sake of weight gain, because otherwise you aren't hard core/didn't succeed in gaining weight.