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  • body weight / height, LBM

    i am 5'9 182 ~15%-17% or so.
    182/69inch=2.6lb/inch but fatty

    what is a good lb/inch at low fat to look pretty muscular and big for the average lifter??

    i have heard of the 3.5lb/inch for offseason, but for pros, and wow that is big. it would put me at 277lbs.

    frank zane:

    Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
    Contest weight: 185 lbs (84 kg) (2.68lb/inch)
    Off-season weight: 200 lbs (91 kg) (2.9lb/inch)

    assuming 5% fat, he 176lb of weight and 9lb of fat...
    is 176 of LBM enough for most people to look as big as zane or is he just a very calculating aesthetic demon??

    here's something fun i've found: turns out girls love the girly pitt look over the respected frank zane, and other info on silly girl preferences
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    I really think your body type is your body type. You're always going to look like a more or less muscular and more or less lean version of yourself. You will always have the same general structure, whether you've got great calves or crappy ones, they will always be great or crappy in relation to the rest of your structure, and the same goes for all your body parts...assuming you remain drug-free. Get my meaning? You can get bigger, smaller, leaner, or fatter, but you will always see the same basic structure you see now. There may be some jacked dudes hiding under a ton of bodyfat, but you'd still the size there. You are who you are...not Zane, Columbo, or're you. And, it probably wouldn't behoove you to compare yourself to pros for that matter. So, I personally wouldn't delve too much in trying to define what other guys of similar size are and what you need to do in order to look like them. Rather focus on what's within your control, your nutrition, your training, your education, your consistency & just see where it takes you. That's my humble opinion, but probably will fall on deaf ears.

    And don't have to be a chick to tell that Pitt is much better looking that Zane. Just because he isn't as muscular doesn't matter. Most girls would obviously prefer a guy that is 6ft tall, somewhat muscular, has nice abs, and is good looking & charismatic over a guy that is shorter, not as good looking, less charismatic, but just a lot more muscular. Most women don't care about muscles as long as you have enough to look good...they don't care how big you are. Just sayin
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      ya man...bodybuilding to get chicks is dumb haha, better off being 6 ft 180 lbs and ripped....thats a pussy slaying physique...


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        also to answer the original question a lots gonna depend on your bone structure, size of your joints, muscle bellies, etc. A lot of that is genetic. So rather than trying to figure out some formula I would echo KB's advice and just try and make the best version of YOU


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          zane had a really unique frame... its a classic physique, that only he could pull off.

          anyone else get a really gay vibe from that website OP linked?