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    This a quote from Lifetime Fitness's head of Nutrition. How would you (Dante, Carl, whoever is reading) respond to this?

    Whey protein isolate is filtered to a greater extent than whey concentrate. For those who are only looking for the amino acids whey provides, isolate is a way to consume these amino acids without any (or much of any) carbohydrates and no fat. The trouble is, with this greater processing, even when it is cold filtered, it wipes out the other factors in whey that provide its significant health benefits. The serum albumin, lactoferrin and immunoglobulins are wiped out. The grass-fed whey we use has the highest levels of any whey product available. In addition, it has a small amount of fat (2 g), which will contain a little CLA and a small amount of milk sugar (lactose). Overall, grass-fed whey concentrate is far superior to whey isolates with one two exceptions. If someone has a serious lactose intolerance, they may not tolerate it (though many people will), or for a competitive body builder in the last few days of contest prep, looking to eliminate any lactose from the diet. Much of the exaggeration about whey isolate over high-quality whey concentrate comes from bodybuilding supplement companies.
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    I would agree with that...
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      Isolate is touted as a prefered protein because of its ability to rapidly spike AA levels.

      Although it is true that the more refined the whey isolate gets, the less "good stuff" you get from whey in its natural state is going to be there (serum albumin, lactoferrin and immunoglobulins).

      So it depends on how you are using the protein (rcovery or intra workout versus protein component of a regular daily meal) and also individual dgiestive qualities.
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        I've often thought about the fact that I eat almost exclusively free-range chicken, grass-fed beef, veggies and other unprocessed foods, yet I keep consuming tons of highly processed protein powder, the origin of which I know nothing about. Super contradicting.

        I completely believe the claim in the first post, I think the less processing the better. The only problem is I'm lactose & dairy intolerant.

        Giving egg protein a try right now but again, I have no idea how this protein is made and what kind of eggs they come from (let's be honest, probably not free-range eggs).
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          Good to know, i've been using isolate for years.