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  • shoulder grinding...

    i've been doing the incline smith bench press on a low incline using the mechanics stated here at IM, to lower chest, and chest held high throughout, breathe in on the eccentric to puff up chest, and very wide grip. i recently did just a wide grip, but now with the very wide grip i cannot tell if i am causing harm to the shoulder since i do find it feels odd. i do try to keep my elbows tucked rather than flared, and i do keep the blades pinched.

    just now i tried doing those shoulder rotations w/o the dumbbell, in which raise my bicep directly to the side of my body so its horizontal, and my forearm vertically upwards. then i rotate my shoulder so the forearm is now pointing forward, not up, but the bicep remains in the same location. then i bring it back up and repeat.

    i have noticed that if i touch the space behind my anterior delt where the end of my collar bone is, i feel some sort of grinding motion. keep in mind this is WITHOUT weights, just my hand. do any of you have this issue when you do this or should i start working on shoulder health??