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Abdominoplasty and umbilical hernia surgery

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  • Abdominoplasty and umbilical hernia surgery

    I was wondering if anyone has had or knows of anyone who has had full abdominoplasty surgery. I had an umbilical hernia and what I thought was going to be fairly simple hernia surgery turned out to be a big deal. I talked to three doctors and got the same diagnosis from each. I had bad diastasis recti and that had to be fixed or the hernia repair would never hold especially if I wanted to be active and lift weights again. So I just had surgery for abdominal reconstruction and umbilical hernia repair. I’m only two weeks post surgery and I still feel like crap but I’m getting better every day. I know I’m getting way ahead of myself, still have a long recovery, but I’m already extremely motivated to get myself back in shape. As of now I’m doing as much walking as I can though it’s not much at this point. So my questions are regarding recovery time and any restrictions in the future.

    How long to start at least very light lifting and how long until being back at full speed going heavy?

    Any problems with heavy squats and deadlifts?

    What about ab exercises? I’m guessing plank variations would be fine but what about other ab exercises?

    One exercise that always gave me great results was dumbbell pullovers but that one scares me now because of the abdominal stretch you can get from it.

    If anyone has any experience with this and has any feedback I’d really appreciate it.