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Pullover Dangers and benefits

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  • Pullover Dangers and benefits

    I've been doing PJR's and today i really noticed soreness in my ribs (perhaps the intercostals, cant tell if it is muscle soreness or cartillage or whatever im feeling).

    After trying to google what it was, i ended up reading a lot of info on pullovers, some saying that is dangerous (shoulders?) and others saying it has a rib-cage expanding effect.

    can anyone separate truth from myth for us here regarding pullovers? or add any other info about them. i rarely see them done in the gym and it seems like a dying breed of exercise for some reason.

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    It seems like pullovers are better suited to be performed either as a pre-fatiguing method or near the end of the workout to get blood pumped in... in my experience. The soreness is definitely just your intercostals - they do get worked in the movement.

    In fact, because I believe ^^^, I actually keep my legs suspended and not grounded when doing these just for maximum benefits - some great ab work and a great back exercise to boot. I agree it's underutilized.