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    recently bought some sizeon for $15 a jug on clearance (picked up two) Seems like really good stuff!
    when its gone i do not want to spend 40-50 a jug on it if there is a cheaper alternative that someone would recommend. Thanks!

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    Probably MG's Powdered Muscle would cover just about everything:

    You can also buy the raw ingredients: Whey Hydroslate (since that is what size-on uses), creapure creatine, karboload (better carb source IMO than what is used in size-on), and any extra amino acids you want (like glutamine, BCAAs...).

    If you use MG's Powdered Muscle, you'll also be getting nearly 3 times the amount of protein per serving (7g versus 20g).
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      Thanks! Looks great at 21$ a jug ill prolly stock up, I workout early am so something like this is optimal!