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back aesthetics questions!!

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  • back aesthetics questions!!

    just started getting into actual "looks" and was surprised as to how much detail there is and how much i dont know!

    i'll just make a list of questions for now, since online so far all i have gotten is conflicting misinformation and unqualified noobs giving answers.

    1. can you see rhomboids really or are they pretty much covered by the low traps?
    2. how do i distinguish between low and high lat insertions? in the front double bi, back double bi, back spread, front spread, and front/back relaxed? are there specific things to look for and compare?
    3. are there positions that show the insertion the best? positions that dont show crap about the position?
    4. why is low insertion generally better?
    5. is there such thing as high/low lat muscles (read this a few years back, sounds like nonsense)
    6. at what weight/bodyfat will these insertions become more pronounced (at least well-visible)? can you detect this early on in training or do oyu need to put on tons of size to find this out?

    feel free to post pics in regards to the insertions and specific poses! i've looked at tons and still cant tell, except for the back lat spread which seems easy to spot on a well-trained individual.

    thanks for the help!

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    glorious bump, i am sick and about to die so please answer if you have this knowledge


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      You're not going to like this answer, but my reaction upon reading this was "Holy shit dude, just get ripped and awesome and stop majoring in the minors." Even if you're a competitive bodybuilder I seriously doubt there's anything imperative about "low and high lat insertions".