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Iron defeciencies

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  • Iron defeciencies

    Hi everyone,

    anyone here diagnosed with having low iron? do you take a prescribed supplement? or just a 1 a day multi? how do you find it effects your daily energy / training sessions?

    do you notice a big difference between taking your pills and skipping them?

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    I have low iron, and when I saw my Dr they put me on an iron supp, but had to get the ones from behind the pharmacists counter. Can't remember what they were. I was never on them for long, but when I was it was noticeable. More energy. Felt better. Actually seeing my dr about it tomorrow, so I will ask about them again.
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      <<< Got Chrons so yeah I'm always low on Iron, Was getting the the scrip Glyder is taking about but found iron chelate OTC works just as good, one 18mg a day and I feel far better...if I stop taking it I feel like trash after a week.

      get your blood looked at don't just assume you have Iron issue's...if you do have Iron issues there might be an underlaying cause
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