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triceps: your best growth exercises

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  • triceps: your best growth exercises

    after noticing how depressingly undertrained my long head was, i did some research to realize that since most of my workouts revolved around pressing and repetitive triceps exercises that trained my medial head, my long head had been severely underdeveloped.

    i have started PJR's again with great success at battering the long head. what other goodies do you guys use effectively for triceps in general, and the long head? and volume/frequency?


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    One of my favorite triceps exercise is dead skulls. Whenever I get done doing my RP set my triceps look like they got blown up with air. I get an unreal pump from them even as part of a DC session.

    Some other exercises to hit your long head can be decline skull crushers, decline DB triceps extensions, incline bench cable triceps extensions, and overhead extensions.

    Have you given any of these a try yet?
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      mainly benching and close grip but.........

      I do lot of bent cable extensions-going behind the head
      seated sm mach behind head extensions
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          I've recently had good success with neutral grip floor dumbbell presses.
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            All I've focused on for the past couple years has been cgbp and dips. My long head hangs off my arm when I hold it up now.
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              PJR's will have the tricep long head hurting for days. Add in dips in a controlled fashion and you should see vast improvements.
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                Pullover and press, as long as your shoulders can handle it.


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                  here's a video i found in an old thread of pjr's. because i didnt know what they were


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                    and here was the thread


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                      here's another thread i found


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                        I recently had some good success doing dead stop close grip BP from pins. I set them about 4" off my chest so it's just the mid/top half of the movement. This allows me to overload the tri's with a greater weight than I could typically use.
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                          the hammer dip machine (or similar machine) w/ a deep stretch and pause in the bottom pos and monster squeeze... if you got a training partner, try bench dips w/ a plate in your lap... get good a stretch, hand spacing relatively close as you can with comfort, lower deep but to a safe level on your shoulders... pause 1 thousand one on the stretch... go up controlled like... pause one thousand one and squeeze the hell outta ur tris, SLOW negative into a good stretch... repeat RP 20-30... jus try to be as upright as possible and not flare ur elbows much... reverse grip 45 degree incline skullkrushers w/ a cable and ez bar attatchment, good stretch hard, squeeze slow neg make it feel heavier and up the reps 20-30 rp. akward set up but they are a good change up from the norm,
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                            If you have noticed that your long head has grown... its cause your tris have grown (or you lost bodyfat). I know many will disagree.
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                              Dunhill!!! Seems like ever since you were married, you haven't been on here too much. She must have put her foot down about you being on here too much. haha.

                              Glad to see you are okay.
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