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Hardest thing you ever did in the gym...

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  • Hardest thing you ever did in the gym...

    Wondering what the hardest (most mentally intense) tactic you've ever applied in the gym was (is)?...

    I think I might have mentioned doing the old cybergenics program on here before. I know IH has done that program.

    Here are some others:
    Drop sets on squats: 495-->405-->315-->225-->135

    20 sets of 20 on squats.

    Calf press drop sets on the leg press: Starting with about 12 plates / side and dropping 1 plate each side for each subset of the dropset, all the way down to like 4 or 5 plates / side. (A total of like 14 drop sets)

    Running the rack on biceps curls, side laterals, etc.

    Anyone got some good (stupid! LOL) ones?...

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    100 rep leg press

    DC STYLE!!!


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      I remember doing old school donkey calf raises for 100 rep sets when I was young and they would bring me to tears. It wasn't a straight set of 100 but rather a rest pause set and you just couldn't stop until you hit 100 reps.

      I did the 50 rep squat on a couple occasions and I do remember the bio-genics (BEFORE cybergenics - same thing but different name) and I think I got through the tricep workout and thought to myself, there is no way in hell that I am doing legs like this. lol I quit that shit after one day. It just wasn't worth it.


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        100rep sets each of leg ext, leg curls, leg press in 1 workout;
        superset leg press & squat
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          Man.. i see lotsa weiders' principles here! Seems like the shock tactic to me used to overcome a plateau!

          I think the late Trevor Smith's beyond failure training(BFT) principles are the most brutal i've ever seen done.
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            Yes I have done BFT and Max-Ot and have come real close to tossing my cookings especially when Trevor would say, "c'mon, you can do this, you want to be huge, then do it, I know you can", and that usually caused me to be crazy in the gym. Glad this was over the computer and not in person.

            I remember in one of my weaker days of doing high million set workouts, I did the Leg Press one of my favorites and I started with 1 plate per side and did 20 reps, no rest adding a plate to each side all the way to 12 plates per side, I was hammered, had a hard time walking for a week. That was 240 reps with only a break to add plates and I think my legs shrunk cause of it, never did that one again.

            Oh yes the good ole Cyber-Genetics, that turned out to be more of waste than Joe's misguided principles...

            Milos that sob had a leg workout of 4 exercises of 4 sets of 40 reps, OMG, I picked Leg Extensions, Hacks, Leg Press and Leg Curls, yup first time in my life I cried in the gym and had water in my mouth ready to lose it, sore for 7 straight days, never did that one again, hope Milos has a great day to...
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              I hurt my back training for a contest while doing heavy hack squats.This prevented me from squatting or doing hacks ,so I devised a workout using 5 exercises in a Giant-Set for legs,high reps,and increasing weight each set!! OUCH!!!!

              Also Tri-Sets on delts,and/or any drop set,especially on quads or calves.

              I do another torturous leg day tactic by doing 50,40,30,20,10,reps on Leg Presses with about a minutes rest between sets!!

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                Following BFT, that shit hurts.

                Also in several workout I recall doing several forces reps, then doing a few rest pauses, and finishing off with a few negatives all in the same set. And doing that for all my exercises for that bodypart. That just killed my CNS.
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                  Another one that I used to do was.

                  Heavy Floor deadlifts 3 times a week man my lower back too a beating from this.

                  And a program I read in Ironman when I was real young, that had you doing barbell squats every other day. (I only lasted 6 weeks doing this)
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                    Ask Angie (Gym hottie)to it took me 2 months to get up the courage,after all that she said she was flattered but I long for those college days
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                      Originally posted by KidRok
                      100rep sets each of leg ext, leg curls, leg press in 1 workout;
                      superset leg press & squat
                      the ones listed above and

                      leg ext with 2 drops, each set down to failure (no rest between)
                      3-5 minute rest
                      hack squat (same as above)
                      3-5 minute rest
                      lying leg curl (same as above)
                      3-5 minute rest
                      seated leg curl (same as above)

                      total workout should take about 20-30 minutes and you won't be able to walk.


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                        Great question....

                        - Two Drop Sets on Leg Extension (started really heavy and dropped a couple plates each time I failed). It hurt so bad I almost teared up.

                        - 3 miles all out on the treadmill

                        - Running the Rack doing Hammer Curls

                        - Drop Set on Bench Press (failing on each "set" on the way down)

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                          100 rep sets...any bodypart.

                          20 rep sets on squats with 315+ lbs.

                          Lunges....loose count b/c you almost pass out.

                          15 rep sets on deads from the ground with 405 lbs.
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                            Each hacksquat widowmaker-every time I think "I cannot possibly add another 10 next workout"-I have to lay down to stop the spinning
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                              when training for a meet, i went to abt 700 +/-
                              when i hit my triple, i dropped to 500 for 10, then 325 for 2 minutes, lol
                              i made it to 1:25 racked the bar and Puked everywhere
                              i always agree with what i say