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  • Cayenne Pepper Caps.

    I've been meaning to post something about these for a few weeks and I just gotta say these caps from True Nutrition are amazing!

    I saw these one time when I was cruising around the TN site and they were dirt cheap (7.79 for 250 caps) so I figured what the hell, I might as well experiment with these. There's literature on them being good for digestion and circulation and I sometimes struggle with regularity, so I thought it would be a good idea.

    Anyhow, I've been using these for over a month and take 3-4 of these every day with meals and my digestion has never been better. No constipation and dumps every day. I get fiber from oatmeal and sweet potatoes but I only eat those, at the most, 2-3 times per day so it's not like I'm loading up on fiber.

    But here's the kicker. I'm of Middle-Eastern descent so I'm naturally tan, but come October here in Chicago I start losing color. But since I've started taking these caps I not only have held onto any color I have, I think I've gotten even darker. Do any of the science guys (Mental, Scott, Sammich, etc) know what could drive something like that, or is it all in my head? My degree is in science but I'm nowhere need where you guys are at and I can't think of why something like this would happen.

    Either way, this supp is awesome and I think it's a permanent staple in my stack, which is pretty small. Just fish oil, Vitamin D-3, Green Tea, Protein Powder, Waxy Maize, Leucine, GDA's and now these Cayenne capsules.

    *****I take them occasionally without food.....all I'll say is you better hope you don't burp; your throat will burn up for a few minutes.
    Use True Nutrition Discount Code YKF124 for 5-10% off of all orders from!

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