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  • Triceps DOMS

    Do you tend to get DOMS more in some muscle groups than others?

    I have some pretty bad Triceps DOMS right now. I need to get rid of it so I can train tomorrow (don't want sore triceps to compromise my strength on my other exercises).

    Anyone got tips or advice to relieve DOMS? Preferably something I could do without having to buy anything.

    Thanks !!

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    Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that it has not been proven that DOMS means the muscle has not recovered. You should be good to train...

    Work on your recovery methods (pre-intra-post W/O nutrition; stretching; rest; supplements; food...) to reduce the extent of your DOMS in future bouts.
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      Stretching well after workouts while still pumped. Massage with a racquetball. Alternating hot and cold packs. Excess caloric intake. And finally there's good old advil.
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        DC stretch, it will reduce that soreness and stretch fascia to help you grow more.


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          Originally posted by bmp View Post
          Do you tend to get DOMS more in some muscle groups than others?
          Yes. For example, I never, ever get DOMS in my deltoids.


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            Heh, bet he has preacher curls lol. Those always suck when the triceps are sore haha. I feel for ya, but warm up well, and stretch em before you lift. Then suck it up
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