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Cyclic Dextrins- what do you think?

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  • Cyclic Dextrins- what do you think?

    What do you guys think about the cyclic dextrins. There isn't a whole lot of info out there on them yet but Bill Willis wrote and article over on John Meadows Mountain dog page, which I highly recommend signing up for, talking about how great they are due to their rather instant absorption and less bloat/gi distress.

    Does anyone use them as of now and if so do you know a bulk supplier? I know a few companies have began to market products with them but I steer clear of large supplement companies and use true protein for everything I can. Unfortunately they don't currently carry any of these and I cant seem to find them anywhere else.

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    I've been hearing some chatter about these highly branched cyclic dextrins (HBCD) as well. I've been trying to find solid information to form a conclusion on them for myself but it is really limited.

    It does seem that when comparing a glucose based drink to a HBCD based drink, the HBCD based drink increases the rate of gastric emptying and one study showed there was reduced flatulence and belching (

    However, high molecular weight carbohydrates also increase the rate of gastric emptying and allow for less gas and bloating than non-high molecular weight carbs. Homonunculus would likely be able to expand on this, but I am pretty sure that the more liquid that remains in the stomach increases the prevalence of GI issues associated with a pre-intra-post workout drink, so increasing the rate of gastric emptying can reduce the chance of GI issues.

    But at least one question that seems to be left unanswered is how much faster is rate of gastric emptying than high molecular weight carbs?

    Maybe Homon has some insider information on this topic?
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