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    Hey guys, my brother is interested in coming to the gym with me. He's 13 and in 8th grade. Do you guys think he can start to workout? If so, what would you have him do?

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    Originally posted by crod266 View Post
    Hey guys, my brother is interested in coming to the gym with me. He's 13 and in 8th grade. Do you guys think he can start to workout? If so, what would you have him do?
    Just my thoughts here, as I think a good start can make all the difference as to whether he keeps lifting and what kind of a "lifting career" he has:

    I would find someone in person who knows the answer to those questions and allow that person to guide him through his workouts (along with you, of course, if you want). I'd want solid expertise to get him going right now.

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      Take this for what its worth as I am no professional or doctor. I started my son on the exercises (not weights) the summer before 8th grade. All he did was work on form and learning. He did 3 sessions a week and it was very similar to a SS routine. All sets were into the 10-15 rep range without coming close to failure. By the time he started workouts as a freshman he was way ahead of most in the field house and was able to move much more weight correctly. He's pretty strong now as as junior and serves as a "go-to" guy in the field house for questions regarding form and such.
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        He can lift. Teach him good form and keep the reps higher at first


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          There's a video on YouTube of jim wendler teaching his son how to deadlift.


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            My boys both started lifting in JHS. We talked to their doc first, he said that provided they were in puberty, they should be good to go if they were smart about what they tried to do.

            Both lifted throughout HS and into college without a problem or injury of any sort.
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              As long as there are no growth plate issues, he should be fine with starting at that long as proper form and manageable weights are used. The question is... how long have you been lifting and do you feel you are qualified to teach PROPER form? If you are also new to the gym and lifting, then I would advise getting someone with expertise and years of lifting experience to teach proper form to prevent injury. I started lifting when I was 12 and had some great "beginner gains". Good luck.
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