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  • Winstrol side effects...

    I'm currently training someone who is taking 25mgs of stanozolol tabs per day, and will be taking 50mg shots next week. He has been taking 25mgs of stan. for almost 2 weeks now (British Dragons) I think....

    So anyways, he is telling me that while he feels strength, vascularity, and some size gains, he is experiencing side effects such as joint aches in his knees??, some mild chest pains, headache, and now he claims that he is losing a very small amount of hair...I guess he was brushing it and a few strands came out, nothing major.

    So my question is this, is continuing the cycle a good idea at this point?? I mean obviously the injections will be safer and more effective, but will his sides get worse?? I can't really say I know since I have been a natural competitor most of my years and don't really have first hand experience.

    Also, besides Milk-Thistle or Liv-52 what is a good natural supplement to protect the liver??

    I know someone here has some experience with such an issue, thanks!

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    i am no expert but im sure some others will give there input...the sides you have named from winstrol seem to be common and ive heard many pepole complain of the same things. Whether or not he should continue the cycle is up to him are the results out weighing the sides? And honestly if he is taking winstrol alone i really dont know what type of gains he is expecting. But then again i m no expert on the subject so lets see what someone else has to add.


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      Whether or not the IM version is safer or not, the sides are going to remain the same.

      His question can only be answered by him. Only he can say whether it is worth it or not.

      ADD: If he is having chest pains, he would be a fool to continue the cycle and should consult a physician immediately. I must have missed that the first time through.

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        Yes the Winstrol is most likely making his hair fall out. Winstrol converts quite readily to DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the main culprit for male balding.
        And yes it is making his joints sore.

        Will the IM route be any better. Yes and no.
        It will be easier on his liver because it misses the first past metabolism, which is were the liver breaks down the compound, and is straight into general circulation. So the liver will be happier but the hair loss and joint pain will be magnified cause more active compound is in circulation.

        Unless he ( or anyone ) is in their last few weeks before a contest Winstrol isn't that crash hot. There's heaps of other great compounds with less side effects that require a lot less frequent injections.

        And following on from Skip - if his ticker is dodgy stop everything and get to a doctor. Unless his intention is to make a good looking corpse!!


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          LOL! Good looking corpse, haha... Thanks, very good feedback.

          I am wondering if this "hair loss" is temporary or not??

          As far as the chest pains go, my client claims he is unsure if it is muscular or internal. I have been training him very intensely for a show, so, it is possible in fact that he could have injured the pec...either way, I sent him to a doc...they ran an EKG, BP test, and a few other tests....all came back normal, so that's good.

          It is my opinion that with such sides, he should discontinue, but he is stubborn...Regardless, now I have some concrete facts to back up my reasoning....Thanks to all of you!!