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    Hi There

    i was wondering if any of the early morning trainers (i.e. before work) do to get yourself going in the morning for your weights session?

    Due to work etc.. i have to train early morning. I wake up at 4:40am, have my aminos etc.. catch the train... and i am in the gym at 5:30 to hit my weights session.

    Although i have been doing this for over a year, i always feel that my body is still 'waking up' during the first half of my workout. I still push with everything i have, but it feels like i am fighting with my body to get it going, rather than with the muscle group being trained (i know this is not the best description)

    I usually go to bed around 9-9:30am (sometimes later) - this cannot really change as i work long hours in my line of work (work in a large corporate firm) and i only usually get home around 9. I try to get as much sleep as i can.

    so does anyone have any tips on how i can get my body 'charged', 'awake' and ready for my weights workouts?

    Thanks in advance

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    have always trained at five in morning and have really struggled as i have gotten older to"wake up" . Two mornings a week for the last month have been getting up an hour earlier and eating a bowl of oats and a piece of fruit. this has made a massive difference to the work outs on these days. not as flat and much more energy. know it seems counter intuitive to get up earlier, but the act of eating and getting the digestive system working plus glycogen on board, seems to wake me up.

    don't get up to eat on mondays as still have a heap of carbs on board from Sunday skip load.

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      I've on occasions due too work had to hit the gym around 0300 and although I got thru my my workouts, I never really felt 100%. Getting it in early was great but it has it draw backs. For me anyways. Now with that said, I know of a few on here that have no issues with it.

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        I usually workout at 0330 when I'm on day shifts for work. I wake up, take my caffeine pill, turn on the portable heater for the basement, and then I start warming up. I prepare my amino acids at night. Its a really good thing having a home gym, but it gets really cold in the basement here in Canada. haha. Warming up is hassle.


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          How tolerant are you to stimulants? If I have to work out in the mornings (which I don't anymore because I am old and my joints don't warm up enough to feel safe squatting heavy, etc.) I would have a pre-workout jolt of caffeine/other stimulants and spend time warming up the entire body for a few minutes on a bike or treadmill to get core temp up and blood flowing to the muscles and joints.
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            When I wake up I take,

            400mg Sulbutiamine
            200mg caffeine
            20mg DMAA

            then surf the internet for about 15min, and then I'm usually motivated enough to go.

            I always train fasted which allows me to sleep in a little later due to the time saved. Probably not optimal but I don't compete, and eating before lifting always make me nauseous anyways.
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              thanks for the replies everyone

              unfortunately stimulants dont really affect me. I have a cup of coffee when i wake up, but i dont notice any 'buzz' or 'kick' from taking it

              i tired the supplement 'JackEd', but again, i didnt feel like i got any buzz from it.


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                I think they removed the 1, 3 Dimeth from Jack3d, so now it's just another caffeine preworkout.
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