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tight left glute

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  • tight left glute

    Hi There

    i always had a little bit of tightness in my left glute, but on the weekend when doing machine SLDL, i felt real pain in my left glute. The tightness always seems to appear when doing SLDL.

    Usually the pain only lasts during the workout, however after the machine SLDL on the weekend, the pain has not gone away, and now, when sitting down (and when standing up), i can feel the in my left glute.

    I have doing some stretching, etc.. to try and strengthen the muscle. Hopefully this isnt doing me more harm

    Do you think i can still train legs, or should i give them a rest until this problem is fixed (i have leg press & SLDL as part of my lower body workout on Wednesday), or maybe i could do a modified workout.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I'd rest...

    Once you feel better spend a few extra minutes warming up. Pigeon stretches (her right cheek is getting the stretch)...

    Foam roll your ass...

    Take a few minutes and just sit on a barbell, slowly rocking back and forth. Hurts like hell but that's a good thing!
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      thanks theroymccoy

      i did the stretching in the gym this morning, and i feel it is helping.

      I can definitely say that get the worst pain when i stand up after being seated