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  • 5/3/1

    hows this look? anything after the main lift is subject to change whenever i feel like it.

    Deadlift 5/3/1
    RDL 3x6-8 - 1x20

    Bench 5/3/1
    Meadows Rows 3x12
    DB Flies: 4x8-12
    BB Curl 3x8-12
    1 Arm Cable Curl: 3x8-12

    Squat 5/3/1
    Leg Press 2x20
    Leg Extension: 3x20
    Seated Ham Curl: 3x8 + 15 partials

    BB Press 5/3/1
    CGBP: 3x6-8
    Incline Skullcrushers: 2x8-12
    DB Laterals: 4x12
    CG Lat Pulldown: 3x8-12
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    What is your goal?


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      Did you read the book at all?


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        goal = size and strength.

        315/230/410x3 are current lifts. want to do 405/315/495 for reps.

        Originally posted by -AJA14- View Post
        Did you read the book at all?
        yes. those are only assistance examples.


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          You have some exercises in there I don't really like or understand. Dumbbell laterals are pretty weak sauce, DB flyes are ok but a strict press has been favorable for myself. This is my split now.
          Monday bench, push assist (chest press variation), dips, horizontal row, tricep, bicep, upper back.
          Tuesday Squat, heavy ham (usually GM), usually a front squat lunge variation, leg extension leg curl (having knee issues and seems to help me), calves, abs (at home)
          Thursday OHP, BTN snatch press (same sets as chest assist press), Bradford press, vertical pull, tricep, bicep, upper back (all different ex's than Monday)
          Friday DL, heavy quad (leg press has been it, sometimes front squats) RDL, leg ext leg curl, rack pulls if feeling frisky, calves, abs at home.

          I got the muscle split off of a log I read on elitefts, I know it's a lot more volume but I only do 2 sets for a lot of them and one ex for each muscle typically. Since doing it this way I feel a bit more symetrical and less joint pain.


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            I'd also change it to the split I have, everything I've seen he has bench squat/press deadlift. You're bench is really low so I'd definitely get rid of flyes and put in a floor press, tricep I'd put a JM press or a CG press. You should read up in his stuff and really analyze the exercises you're choosing.
            I didn't bother putting this in the other post but you should be doing an ass load of chins both press days and I like doing glute bridges before and in between sets for the lower body days.


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              I don't think the order of the days matters much as long as you're alternating Upper and Lower days. I personally do Bench/Dead, Military/Squat. Mainly because when my chest is sore I have a hard time getting loose and getting my arms back into a good squat position.

              There are 100 different ways to set up assistance work for 5/3/1. I don't think what you have is terrible. BR is right about using compound assistance moves, especially if doing the 3 day version. However, if I use the 4 day split and push hard I burn out fast on all compound moves. So on days I don't want to push as hard or when looking for more size I use some of the moves you have listed such as laterals and flies.

              Work hard on the main moves and get your technique better. Aside from the basics assistance work isn't as big a deal.


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                Thanks big ross and adam.
                this morning i felt like i should be benching early in the week since its something i wanted to improve on the most, then squat, then press, then deads. will start a log!


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                  Originally posted by Adam2433 View Post
                  Aside from the basics assistance work isn't as big a deal.
                  This is the absolute most important thing you could know about 5/3/1, well that and living life north of the vag (please buy the book/s because his writing is priceless). None of it really is a big deal, I just saw your bench was kind of relatively low so for tri's I'd throw in more compound stuff but it really doesn't matter much.


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                    The only thing I would change is for every press movement on your Bench/OH press days you should have a pulling movement to counter it. I kept hitting a wall on my bench because I couldn't keep my upper back tight enough when I went heavy... since the change my bench press has continued to climb and have had no more problems with this. Plus it will keep your from getting front dominate and getting injured...
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