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Is this REALLY it? bit of a rant!

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  • Is this REALLY it? bit of a rant!

    OK, here goes. If you check out my photo you’ll see I’m jacked!
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    Well actually no, not really lol! I am great at getting ripped in shaped, but I am sadly just a lean 175lbs at 5’7.5 tall. I look muscular in posing trunks, but when I’m wearing normal clothes (unless it’s a skin tight shirt from the kids clothes section) I don’t even look like I lift.

    Been training for 10 years now always natural (I’m 25, so been training since I was 15). I played hockey at a high level for years so for half of that time lifting it was purely for hockey, so lots of heavy Olympic lifts and strength training mixed with plyometrics. The rest of that time lifting has been purely for bodybuilding.

    Where I’m going with this is I think I’ve reached my genetic potential. For the last 4 years I have not gained any muscle or strength.
    I am completely anal with my diet and training in the OCD way I know most of us on this board are, as in I weigh ALL my food. I have tried so many different styles of training over the last 4 years, and I don’t just hop from programme to programme, I give each programme at least 12 weeks or so. Same with adjusting my diet – I’ve tried all sorts of approaches using macro ratios recommended by Aceto, by Palumbo, by Rambod and others too, and I’ve tried adjusting macros myself to tailor to my own needs, but all to no gains!

    I am great at getting ripped like I said, but I just can’t grow or gain any more strength and its very frustrating. I competed in my first bodybuilding contest in 2010 at 175lbs, and then competed 3 more times in 2011 all also weighing 175lbs. I have just now dieted down just for my own satisfaction (no contests for me this year) and still weigh 175lbs!

    Now I’ll admit that I never get that fat in the offseason, so maybe this is my problem? Do I need to let myself get fatter in order to grow? But so many others say that this is not the way to grow, especially drug free, as once you diet down it wont make a difference anyway! I have seen evidence of this with others time and time again too, as they pile on the pounds in the offseason only to diet for a show and be in fact the same weight they started at before!

    What makes things worse is that I have a brother who’s 2 years younger but his body frame is identical to mine, with the exception that he’s a lazy bastard who eats like shit, but when we’re side by side we look exactly the same despite the fact that I train and eat like a machine and he does jack shit! It’s only when we take our shirts off that you see he is tubby and I’m chiselled, but overall we’re the same size!

    So I guess where I’m going with this rant is to ask if in others’ opinions I must have reached my genetic potential. Because I know you’re told to just eat more if you’re stll not growing, but I’ve upped and upped my calories to over 4,000 a day (remember I only weigh 175lbs!) and still not seen results.

    I am an intelligent person and I am in no way delusional, so if I have been doing this for so long and am not seeing results then clearly I need to reassess here!

    Me Offseason in 2009 - this is as fat as I let myself ever get:
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    Me Offseason 2009 again:
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    Me Offseason 2010 - still 175lbs when lean:
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    Me Offseason 2011 - yep, still 175lbs when lean:
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    Me now in 2012 - guess my weight? Yep, 175lbs lean!:
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    A few ideas from what information you have provided:

    Do you consider yourself a hardgainer? That is, you said it's easier for you to lose weight than to gain it, so in my head I think this means you're a hardgainer. Is that a correct assumption?

    Have you tried bulking for longer than a "bulking season?" A lot of people cycle between bulks and cuts, but have you tried in the past 4 years bulking for longer, say a year or more?

    Going along with my first question, have you tried any HIT routines, especially DC training for instance?


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      IMO u look good man.
      Good work and good luck I'm the future

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        How long do you stick to each training method before switching? I have a feeling you switch around a lot without giving each a chance...

        Same with the diets...

        Post your food intake from today, or yesterday.


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          I am coming from a similar place as you with regards to feeling stuck. Even this past offseason, I know I held back when Homon told me to push forward, and thus limited my gains.

          I've come to a point where I now realize this and just have to face the facts, I can't stay shredded year round if I want to gain some size. I am not talking about getting fat, but just eating, and eating....and eating...and TRAINING LIKE A FUCKING BEAST so that you are using the fuel to grow. I know if I am too rigid this offseason with my diet, I'll likely limit gains, I would rather err on the side that would give me the most muscle. I know I can diet off excess fat, so the plan is to push my limit and if need be use mini diets when needed to keep fat in check.
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            Possibly you have been coming in at a harder or drier 175? You look better year after year so that's a plus.


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              Do you still skate? I'm a hockey head myself, and could never gain weight through high school and college when playing. Too many calories burned on the ice.


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                  Sounds like you're overly anal about your diet and dont give yourself enough time in a caloric excess period for yourself to grow. Also, 3 months for a workout seems too short. It's been thrown around on here that people should give a workout close to a year to see the differences. 3 months is long enough to go on 3 training/break cycles. If you're as close to maxed out as you think, your changes are going to be small and slow and you're really going to have to stick to something longer to measure visible size and large strength gains.

                  Is it also possible that when you bulk and then cut, you cut too quickly and are losing size?

                  best of luck
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                    You have a good bit of muscle and are obviously in really good shape. Damn good for a natural. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you are probably close to maxed out. You might be able to gain a few more lbs if you really figure out what works for you.

                    But if you wanna be 200 plus ripped at 5 7.... Fill in the blank, ya know?
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                      I'm going with Fade on this one......

                      I'm natural, in the last year I've increased my Dead by about 120lbs, not for 1 rep but 6 rep sets. My set of 15 has increased a similar amount. This translates to growth for me.

                      Also don't say maxed out at 25yrs of age, no way, for a natty lets talk mid thirties at least. If you want to stay natty you won't be talking about being maxed out yet. You only just got done warming up.
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                        Mid thirty's to be maxed out? Are you serious? Dude is 5 ft 7 175lbs and single digit bodyfat. How much more room you think he has? I don't like to throw around arbitrary numbers but for the sake of argument ill say this kid MIGHT have another 10lbs of lbm in him. At his current level of development he would be very fortunate to gain 1 or 2 lbs of pure lbm a year. So yeah that would put him close to 30.

                        Personally I think the OP has a great physique and should be proud of what he's accomplished. But he mentioned not looking like much in regular clothes, and IMHO, he would have to be close to if not more than 200 lbs.
                        I'd be curious to see what Skip and Hmon think, but that seems very unlikely to happen by changing workout routine and macros around.
                        Heavy squats fix everything.


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                          I have been in this game now for 20 years. Let me tell you the truth. I wouldn't say you are "stuck" but you are pretty close to the largest you will get without taking that next step. Can you gain a little bit more by the time you are 30? Sure. Anything substantial? Nope. Will you ever look big and ripped in a T-shirt? Nope. I base this on your age and your own comments about dedication. Again, I am not saying that you can't gain, but you have put on the majority of the muscle that you will ever have and from here on out you you need to train because you love it and not because you think you are going to one day be 210 and lean as you are in those pics. I am pretty sure you already know this so now you need to take a step back and ask yourself where do you go from here.


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                            Perhaps you should hire a coach and see if someone with more experience and knowledge can help you put on muscle? I hear wonderful things about Skip and Scott, among others.......
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