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  • Elbow pain help

    I have a pain in my left elbow when doing most tri exercises and have done my best to limit the ones that irratate it (e.g. skulls). I find compounds hurt it less and supplement them whenever possible (e.g. CG DB press).

    Anyone have any advice on rehabbing an elbow?

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    I am having the same issue. I even notice when I flex my left tricep, I can't flex the muscle (long head) as hard as the right one. I have no issues pressing, but skulls and over head db ext kill it. I just ordered some cissus.

    How long have you had this issue? You seen a doc or anything? My chiro used to work on it, but it never really helped and the movement he would do would hurt like a bitch.
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      Does the pain feel like it is in the bone or is it stemming from the tendons?
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        For me the pain is directly at the point of the elbow. It feels like the bone, but I suppose it could be the tendon connecting to the bone.


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          Give compression banding a try. Has really helped my elbow. I do it 2-3 x per day mixed in with lacrosse ball mobs. I generally have one of these times be prior to training and one be post training.

          Other then that train with an elbow sleeve on. And not a neoprene one. I used the neoprene one forever and it didn't seem to help. Switched to a heavy duty elbow sleeve and I am once again able to train triceps.

          Another thing to try, if it is caused by the triceps muscle or tendon, is a forearm wrap put on real tight on the triceps. This will tack the muscle down in a different area and take pressure off the triceps insertion on the elbow. Of course this doesn't fix the problem but is a way to possibly get around some of the pain until you can actually get it fixed.

          Really though you should just go see a doc and get the imaging done. If not you'll BS around with all these potential fixes, possibly without any results. At least if you get the imaging you wont be guessing at what is wrong.

          Some have had good results healing elbow pain with cissus Q and stinging nettle root. Did not work for me but its worth a try. Also if it is chronic pain throw some moist heat on it a few times a day to bring blood to the area for the healing benefits. Ice is great when inflammation is still being produced but after that heat is the key.


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            Is it a sharp pain? A dull, achey one?
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              I would say more sharp