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Heavy legs during day and skating

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  • Heavy legs during day and skating

    Ok so I was going to post this in the sports specific thread, but I thought that I would get more replies here as most people probably have an opionon. Ok so for the last maybe 3 weeks my legs just feel heavy a decent amount of the day and also very much so when I play hockey. When I wake uP my legs usually feel a bit heavy and when I play for the first 30 min I feel like I'm skating with sandbags on my legs. When I hop on the ice my legs feel just dry tight and heavy and it takes about 30 min if not more to get the blood pumping and for me to feel like I can actually move my feet. I also seem toget a foot pump in the first 10 min of playing everytime I play. I have been stretching out regularly and have been drinking about a gallon of water a day. I thought maybe this was from one of the following: lactic acid buildup in legs, legs just not recovering, low pottasium, low water or eating too much to close to game time. Let me know what you guys think and Thankyou very much in advance.
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    You could try warming up on a bike before skating (especially if you have limited ice time).
    Also try some sort of cycling after weights as a 'cool down' to get rid of the lead legs.

    Depending on how serious you are about hockey you might consider lightening up on the leg training. If not that serious you could just get used to it and adapt.


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      I've scheduled my leg days as far away from my skate days as possible. I only play mens league now, so it's not too intense, but doing legs on tues/fri and skating Sundays seems to give my gams enough rest.

      I know the led-leg feeling all too well. Diet could be the issue, or possibly a back/circulation problem? Might want to bump the question against a doc...couldn't hurt.


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        Ok guys thankyou


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          What does your intra-workout supplementation look like? I know since I switched to carb and hydrolyzed protein. I have not been able to get sore.


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            Have you gained weight recently. For me I am just noticeably slower when I play basketball and I'm pretty sure I'm just heavier. As far as warming up, sounds like you should try using a lacrosse/tennis/softball and rolling your feet. I'd also imagine that rolling your hams, quads and calves before exercise would help out. Pre workout I just use this generic monster stick instead of a heavy duty foam roller, it's convenient and portable.