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    How many of you guys use one and how often?

    I pretty much use a belt on squats and heavy rows. Sometimes I deadlift with it too but sometimes I feel it hurts more than helps.

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    I am just going to start using one again with BB Back Squats. Otherwise, I avoid it and would rather go a little lighter and focus on a getting a deep contraction with a slow negative than risk going heavy and overloading myself to the point it is counterproductive. Not saying you can't do that with a belt, but I tend to overestimate myself with a belt and go too heavy and end up cutting a rep or two a little short or bounce the weight.

    I pulled my back once trying to be He-Man on rack deadlifts and I learned my lesson
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      No belt here anymore....strict slow form;-)

      Past years i relyed on injured .

      I am always learning more !

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        Originally posted by BabyBeast05 View Post
        How many of you guys use one and how often?

        I pretty much use a belt on squats and heavy rows. Sometimes I deadlift with it too but sometimes I feel it hurts more than helps.
        In general I use my belt on squats over ~400lbs and deadlifts over ~500lbs.

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          I use a belt on all my work sets of Squats and deads. And sometimes SOHP.


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            I used to use a super thin old school belt, which really offered no support...i switched to an Inzer 10mm belt and it is great...having low back issues, it has helped a ton. I wear it doing squats, deads or when my low back starts to give me issues on other lifts.
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              I use one during working sets on deads, squats, bent over rows, and t-bars, etc... Once I get over 4 plates on squats or deads, it goes on for sure. Never had problems with using one and like the fact that it keeps my abs from distending.
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                Originally posted by mister69 View Post
                No belt here anymore....strict slow form;-)

                How does using a belt or not effect how good your form is?


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                  Never used one.
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                    Only on squats after warmup sets and sometimes with heavy sets of DL, depends on how I feel that day.
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                      squats, deads, BB OHP and rows for me...
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                        Belt helps with squats, absolutely necessary even with light weight for good mornings, hate it and don't use one for deadlifting variations. I also find it restrictive for bent over rows, so I don't use one (although I do find it helps a little bit).


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                          only for rows.


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                            Squats over 3 plates, deads over 4 plates. Some times BB rows but I haven't been hitting then recently. SOHP I use a smaller typical leather belt. I also use my belt with the sled pulls when my grip goes.


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                              I use it for most of exercises I do, especially when getting ready for competitions and using big weights. I've got one belt for competitions and another one for training.
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