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    My buddy that I'm working out with has been around the bb'ing scene around here since the 80's. He's met and mingled with alot of the great bb'ers from the East coast, as well as from everywhere else. He was involved with alot of the original big supp stores here during the supplement boom and was very active in the hardcore gyms in this area in the 90's. He was telling me today that he met Victor Richards once and that he was the biggest guy he'd ever seen. I knew Richards was known as maybe the original mass monster, but what I didn't know was that at 5'10" tall he would sit at 370lbs in the offseason.....given the fact that he only competed a handful of times, that's just an incredible amount of mass to hold at any height and for any length of time.....anyone ever see this monster or meet him, and if so, what was your impression of him?


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    370? I dont belive

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    2005 caveman classic 2nd mw
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      i met richards at the 95 olympia in atlanta, said he was around 305 but he still had abs showing as he was wearing a vest. seemed to be a nice guy,


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        Originally posted by Albanian muscle View Post
        370? I dont belive
        Vital Stats
        Name: Victor Richards
        Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA, USA
        Born: 1964
        Height: 5'10"
        Off Season Weight: 360 lbs
        Competition Weight: 330 lbs
        Arms: 26"
        Waist: 36"
        Thighs: 37"
        Calves: 24"
        Neck: 22 1/2"
        Shoulder width: 43"
        Chest: 67"

        2014 USPA Nevada State / Regional Championships - 1,168 total

        2014 USPA National Championships - 1,235 total

        2014 Village Gym Meet - 1,260 total

        2015 USPA Camp Pendleton Meet - 1,235 total



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          Anyone has any offseason pics of him ?

          The ones I found on google showed him a bit soft/water retention but the man still had visible striations, impressive vascularity and Coleman like size.
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            I saw him a bunch of times....he was probably around 300-315lbs. He was pretty vascular and had great shape (no gh gut). Very sergio olivia-esque.

            I've also seen Coleman, yates, nasser and Cutler up close....Coleman was stupid big, biggest guy I've seen. Cutler was probably the widest....Richards and dillet were smaller thru the waist hips than the rest.yates worked out at my gym for a few weeks....He looked like a white gorilla.
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