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  • Band/Bodyweight Training

    Probably counterintuitive to 99% of what goes on here, but I'm having to change the way I do things, and the pool of knowledge here is deep.

    Does anyone have or know of a comprehensive band and bodyweight workout? Experience with such a thing? I'm going to move away from weights completely at this time, but want to try and maintain at least some of what I have.

    I've been throwing together some random exercises, but was curious of anyone here had done something like this exclusively.
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    Haven't done a strictly band/bodyweight program but there are a lot of great band/bodyweight exercises out there. One way you could approach it is just do a full body workout 3x per week using some of these exercises:

    Single leg bodyweight squats
    Glute-ham Raises (will need to find a way to anchor your lower leg)
    Push-ups (different variations)
    Hand-stand Push-ups (using wall for support)
    Bodyweight Tricep Extensions
    Band Tricep Extension
    Inverted Rows
    Band pull-aparts
    Band internal and external rotations
    Lateral raise with bands
    Curls with bands

    Plenty available to put together a pretty good program.

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      Those about sum up what I've been throwing together (minus the GHR). It's such a different way of exercising, I'm simply not sure of the best way to put it together.

      3x/week whole body workout, 5 days LISS cardio maybe?

      It's more of a mental adjustment for me than anything; I think "well shit, I'm doing pushups, I must need a 150# band to bring me to 4-6 reps". I'm having to adjust my psychological approach more than anything. I don't compute the high rep schemes.
      You're perfect, yes it's true. But without're only you.