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Body Recomp.

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  • liftweights
    One piece of fruit as your only source of carbohydrate? Might as well be ketogenic. I would advise you doing a ton of research on the forums on nutrition before starting anything. In the end if you are unsure, take a balanced approach for macro-nutrients and calories.

    Would need info on how you train, current weight, job, stress, sleep etc to help any further than that

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  • jbthumper
    started a topic Body Recomp.

    Body Recomp.

    I am an out of shape ex football player. I did some stupid dieting the past year in which resulted in loss of muscle and fat then put some weight back on so now I am fat and weak. I am starting a body recomp and a friend of mine recommended that I do a fruit as my only carb diet and high in protein. He said it would lean me up and help get some strength back. Does this sound ok or are there better options?