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    I'm curious to see if anyone here has used or is using Juice Plus+. It's basically all your fruits and vegetables condensed and dried into capsules. The product looks promising, but I've always just stuck with my grocery store brand multivitamin. This is the first supplement of it's kind that I've seen with any sort of scientific research backing it. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with it.

    To date, Juice Plus+® clinical research has been published in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, including:
    Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
    British Journal of Nutrition
    Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
    Current Therapeutic Research
    Evidence-Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine (eCAM)
    Integrative Medicine
    International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
    Journal of American College of Cardiology
    Journal of American College of Nutrition
    Journal of Clinical Periodontology
    Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics
    Journal of Nutrition
    Molecular Nutrition & Food Research
    Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
    Nutrition Journal
    Nutrition Research
    Skin Pharmacology and Physiology

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    I think it's a good product and generally favor food-based vitamins. I was contacted literally dozens of times by local reps and finally one provided me with the research studies (all of them available at the time - a few years ago).

    I looked through them all, read many in depth and the bottom line (and this wasn't countered by the local rep, and R.D., from whom I had received the reprints), was the studies were lacking in design to conclude that JuicePlus+ was superior to a regular old OTC multi-vitamin. The general them of the experimental design was to take an aged or known / suspected nutrient deficient study sample and then demonstrate an improvement in nutrient status after giving JP.

    So, it's a sound multi-vitamin, for sure, but I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't do the REAL nitty gritty work to demonstrate superiority of their product over a run of the mill generic multi. (Perhaps they did and just didn't publish whatever results they came up with.)

    FYI, I did take the product for at least 6 mo (this has been years ago) and noticed nothing subjectively, but had no reason to believe I was nutrient deficient. I was hoping the additional phytonutrients would have a noticeable health benefit (recovery from training, sleep, sense of well being, digestion, skin tone, what have you), but nothing became noticeable to me. Granted, I wasn't attempting specifically to document any such possible benefits, so I wasn't being the most "scientific" about it myself, I'll admit. (And I do think that subtle benefits can be had without them being known to us unless documented in some sort of objective fashion, be it a personal log or even the opinion of someone else.)

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    The Book Has Arrived!

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      Thanks Scott, your posts are always informative and I really appreciate your insight.