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    I train early morn usaully in the gym 530am innate a carb protien drink when alarm goes off then snooze for another 20'min by the time i get to gym it's 1 1/2 later do I still pound my carve all day till 5-6 or should I cut them out eat due to the fact I traine early

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    I think to get really solid advice you'll need to post up more info.
    More specific diet, training style, age, years lifting, weight, bodyfat %, height. That will get you better advice from more knowledgeable people. Other than that, welcome to IM


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      Thanks for reply stats are ad follows
      Age37 6'0 14-16% BP 435 sq550 boxsq485 DL525
      I missed a 465 bench the other day and I really never dI'd a true max out all those numbers have been during a training session I just starting using the dc approach my diet is pretty good 6-8 meals aday try to get all protien in and I don't really count carbs but let's say this for the last six months I have been supplementing nothing crazy but I went from 256 to 243 without trying and my strength and stamina is through the roof I guess I have reached a plateau and would like to se some bigger gains I am happy with size and bf would like to see #s go up little more and yes supplements are good not bunk. Any advice would be helpful original question was traine at 515 in morn do I eat carbs all day or cut them off earlier


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        Wait what?


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          its really to hard give you a solid answer as you are not being specific enough....what is your goal??? you post that you went down in weight I assume you are trying to cut? be more specific with what your diet looks like right now and what you are trying to do!

          Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.

          Vince Lombardi


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            diets are personal to everyone. Me personally wether I am trying to gain or cut I like to only use carbs as what they are used for FUEL, so before during and after. Besides that I like to stick to fats and protein along with veggies.