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Hardgainer upper/lower routine for a recovering dope fiend

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  • Hardgainer upper/lower routine for a recovering dope fiend

    Hey! I'm not from northern Europe so English is not my native tongue, which will explain some whacky text I suppose.

    Anyway, back In my teens I used to train for a few years on and off, hade a few periods that lasted around 4-5 months maximum where I was doing everything consistently right and the gains were good. I have done routines like the classic Simple Power Based Routine by Iron Addicts, 5/3/1 in a 3 day format, the Texas Method and the results have been great with all of them as long as I've been consistent and just working out regularly and eating well. My peak results were:

    Height: 175 cm
    Weight: 83-85 kg 12 percent bodyfat

    Deadlift: 145kg 23 reps done in one set, done with belt, every lift was ”paused ”, ”dead” or how it's being called, not touch 'n' go
    Squat ATG no belt or anything: 135kg 3 reps
    Bench 92.5kg 2x6 (bench has always felt like shit for me, never get the technique right)
    Dumbbell rows that were something between a Kroc row and regular Dbell row form wise: 50kgs 20-25 reps

    I reached my DL results doing the 5/3/1, the squat during my 5/3/1 cycle was something like 100kgs for 17 reps. My bench was about the same, it did not improve at all doing the 5/3/1.

    Another period when I did a little cut I weighed around 76-77 kgs and remember that I didn't do regular deads and squats because of injuries. I was doing the Texas Method and the SPBR during this period. My stats were something like thist back then:

    Rck pulls about 1 inch below the knee caps - 180 kgs 3-4 reps something.
    Front squats: 115kg x 3 ATG no belt no briefs or anything you know the drill
    Bench: 90kgs for 2x5.

    All the above was done when I was between 18-20.

    Anyway, after this I started a long period in my life filled with chaos and drug use/abuse. This is not the place to dwell on my mental status/history, but let me tell you that I did not start using drugs for fun. I've been feeling like complete shit most of my life as long as I can recall. I was in the “system” from age 4-11 and it never helped me. Depression, OCD, ADHD, Aspergers, Paranoia, etc, are some of the terms that I've been told I probably have. Drugs and specifically opiates/opioids is my self medication.

    I had a few clean periods that lasted 3-4 months when I did the SPBR or the 5/3/1 consistently and it worked great. I was getting my strength back at rapid speed and my muscle mass as well. But these few periods always ended abruptly followed by some 5-6 months of drug abuse and no training, rinse repeat for a few years.

    I also I must mention a few periods with sporadic drug use and sporadic training, and it worked OK too. I was doing drugs 2-4 times a week, 1-3 workouts a week, and I only cared about eating good during my workout days. I know the basics of nutrition, 1.5 g protein / lb, a good multi, omega 3, good carbs and fats like brown rice, veggies, olive oil, etc.

    To get to the point. I turned 23 a few weeks ago and I'm in the heaviest period of drug use/abuse ever. And I'm getting very tired of this lifestyle. I'm done with it. I need some balance.

    The drugs I have been using all these years are heavy opioids which I am physically addicted to, and of course mentally too. I also use a lot of benzos and occasionally speed/meth.

    ATM I've been using heavy opioids daily for 5 months and I'm going to taper down all the things I use slowly and start training again. Training really helps the rehabilitation process and the general well being. Obviously I'm not primed for heavy training because of this. I have been doing it Cold Turkey many times before and it results that I crawl around in my bed for 5 days and don't sleep or eat all.

    And I feel like complete shit on all plantes existing, of course. Physically, mentally. Google up the symptoms of opiod withdrawal if you want more details. Cold Turkey gives me nothing. I will taper down SLOWLY and try to build a decent life style during the time. Right now my life is very chaotic, unproductive, static and meaningless and my only reason to live is my drugs. Without 'em I'm suicidal. But this is a training forum, so let's focus on the training now:

    A routine like SPBR will probably be too much at this point.

    I was thinking a upper/lower hardgainer approach like this:

    Dips 2x8-12
    Some form of row 2x8-12
    Hammer curl 1-2x10-15
    Tricep iso 1-2x10-15

    Squat 1x3 or 1x5, then 1x10-15, sometime skip the heavy set completely
    Rackpulls 1x8-12
    Good mornings 2x8
    Pullthrus 1-2x10-20
    Abs 2x10-15

    Incline bench 1x3 or 1x5, then 1x-10-15 OR 3x5 and then for example dumbbell bench 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps
    Weighted Chins 2x8-12 or 4-5x4-6 cause I think I respond better with later alternative
    Dumbbell curl 1-2x10-15
    Tricep iso 1-2x10-15

    I will rotate exercises when needed. One rep short of failure.

    Dips/reg bench/close grip bench/decline bench/incline bench/flat dbbell bench/incline dbbell bench/decline dbell bench, all dbbell bench can also be done with various grips. Flat dbbell press with hammer grip is something I really like for example.

    Dumbbell row/Kroc row/Pronated Barbell row/Supinated Barbell Row/Seated Row

    Chins/Pullups/Neutral Hammer grip Chins/Lat pulldowns

    Squat/Box Squat/Front Squat/Paused Squat

    Regular deads/Rack pulls various heights/Heavy Gms/Romanian deads/Stiff legged deads

    Regarding bicep/tricep iso I was thinking about doing close grip chins in the row workout instead of curls, and close grip bench instead of tricep iso in one of the upper workouts. Much funnier and productive I believe, if I can recover.

    In a perfect world this would be 3 workouts a week but I don't know about that. I will start eating good again, 1.5 g protein / lb etc. Good multi, omega 3, etc.

    What do you think about this?

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    The routine is fine. If its what you want, if its what you think will help you then just get in the gym and don't over analyze anything. Nothing wrong with that work out.

    As far as YOU go...I wish you the best. Whatever your problems or "triggers" are you have to deal with them. You may or may not ever get "closure" or "solve" the problems but you have to get to the point where you allow yourself to feel, to be angry or upset...or whatever it is if you want to stay clean.

    Best of luck to you man.
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      Sounds as though training is the last thing to worry about regardless if you enjoy it.

      You appear to need intense in patient therapy for both the drug use as well as the underlying causes/conditions. No use in quitting a coping mechanism if you do not learn to manage what you need help coping with.

      I am sure your problems did not appear overnight nor are easy to deal with. I wouldn't expect learning to manage them to happen overnight or to be easy either.

      Good luck.


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        I am no stranger to this issue as I have family members who are in the same situation as you. All I can say is that in my experience, one can almost never get clean and stay clean on their own. Like Adam said, you need intensive therapy, most likely inpatient therapy with rehab, and then you need a change of scenery so you can break old habits. Although you may look at training as somewhat of a therapy, could you also be judging yourself when you fail to maintain the training that you desire so badly, and then look at that as another failure in life? Quite possibly so. IMO I think you should work on the addiction issue first, then worry about filling some of your new found void time with training and good eating. Get your head right first. It's only gonna benefit you in the long term....



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          Reminded me of this:

          Best of luck to you.
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