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Trt appt today

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  • Trt appt today

    So I've been on trt for exactly 3 months now (had my lab appt today) (im on inj). All is good. He started me off at 200 eoweek but I talked to my doc about going to 100 eweek. He said that it was cool. Question is- it was about three weeks ago that I stopped the 200 and went to 100 so in the last three weeks my injs have been 200, 100, 100. I was about 5 days out from my last inject. I'm hoping that going from the 200 to the 100 and then another 100 a week later and a draw diddnt put me in some crazy high test levels. What do y'all think?

    Ps- one concern that I discussed with him was that I am not really getting morning wood. (gross I know)- he knows my situation (the stress I have been under from my divorce) and said its prolly that (wouldn't surprise me)

    He took labs, I peed in a cup, but hope nothing is crazy with my values (I feel great and am looking a lot better, everything is just that more awesome)


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    Keep us posted on what your total test is at .

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      Will do, I'm just hoping I'm not at something crazy like 2000 or something that would get me dropped lower than I need to be.