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  • Before/After 10 months

    Here are a few pics after working with Skip. I am very happy with my conditioning on stage.
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    Top notch work for both of you...
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      Great stuff, very motivating!


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        Damn fine job. How did ya do?
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          Awesome work!
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            Good transformation did you diet for that time or have breaks. Trying to do something similar just wondering best way to do it?


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              He kinda knows his Great job. First show?
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                like a boss....goooood work
                Originally posted by thsfootball
                Stressing about what's catabolic- catabolic


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                  Nice work, my man. Congratulations. Your hard work and dedication shows.

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                    Congrats! That looks like a quick transformation to me!


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                      Great job man! I'm sure it was a long road but worth it....It certainly has been worth it to me. Working with Skip is always fun....Congrats on a job well done!



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                        Thanks guys. It was my first show since 2002 and I wanted to put everything into it to see the outcome. I was very happy regardless of the placing. Didn't make top 5 but the change was extraordinary.

                        My whole diet changed 10 months ago and we just began slow so it wouldn't be so brutal during the last few months.


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                          Oh and around 260 in the first pic and weighed in at 195.6 the day before the second pic. 41" waist to 32".


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                            Originally posted by johnnieo View Post
                            Oh and around 260 in the first pic and weighed in at 195.6 the day before the second pic. 41" waist to 32".
                            Great job johnnieo. Looks like a different body from the back. Also great to see that the show placing wasn't the be as all and end all.

                            I am two months into a ten month program with Skip and your results are great motivation. Started around the 260 mark as well.

                            Btw how tall are you??

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                              I am 5'9. Good luck