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Where to get accurate BF %

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  • Where to get accurate BF %

    I am starting a CKD with a refeed every week. On CKD like shiploads your weight is always fluctuating, holding water, dropping water, it can be tough to gauge progress other then the mirror every Sunday morning before your refeed. I Was wondering if anyone knew where I could get dunk tested or an accurate testing method in south jersey. Basically I wannna just get tested, do the CKD for 6-8 weeks religiously and get tested again to evaluate my results.

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    Each method (BEI, Dunktest, BodPod, Cailpers, Dexa) has it's pros and cons as far as reliability imo. I would say that calipers are only as good as the person using them. My advice would be to not worry about the method type as much as consistency. Whichever method you use this time, just make sure to use the same method next time under the same conditions i.e. same time, same hydration and food, same person conducting the test, same equipment, etc. That's the best way to ensure accuracy I think.