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    ok. i've been off now for about 4 months..

    week 1-4 test prop 700
    week 1-4 bol 50mg
    week 1-6 tren 100 ed
    week 1-20 test e 1500
    week 1-20 eq 1200 week 1-2 then down to 1000
    week 8-12 mastron 400ew
    week 20-21 test prop 200
    week 21-22 test prop 400
    week 23-24 test prop 600
    week 10-24 tren 100
    week 18-24 winne 50
    week 16-24 mastron 400ew
    and i'll add the gh at 4iu 5/2

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    why the layoff of tren weeks 6-10? I hear masteron is only really noticable when your bf is fairly low...

    IMO, It seems more complicated (and then need be, but to each their own.

    If it were me I would just run this:

    1-4 Test Prop @ 700 EW
    1-4 D-bol @ 350 EW
    1-24 Test Enanth @ 1500 EW
    1-24 Tren Ace @ 700 EW
    18-24 Winny @ 350 EW
    1-24 GH @ 4iu ED

    Run letro @ 2.5mg ED or EOD and nolva @ 10-20mg ED. Also you might want to throw some HCG in there every 10 weeks. Continue running letro and nolva until starting PCT (which for me is the same routine...I run letro and nolva for at least 2 weeks after everything clears...which in this case would be about 5 weeks total after stopping)
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      see i have all that gear and more to double that cycle

      and 24 weeks of tren is a little too lnog.. even with the mastron in there.. i like me hair line.. and if you haven't tried it yet.. drop some mastron into your next bulk cycle i'll love it..